Shane D – Vice President of Information Technology

“For over 20 years, I have engaged c1Advantage to partner on a broad variety of IT solutions. The organizational context spans from mid-size to global Fortune 10 firms. C1’s ability to listen to client needs and resource high-performing teams is the key to their success. Whether the requirements included US Export Control access, DevOp,s QA, Data Archival, System and Cybersecurity Administration, M&A IT planning and execution, Custom Cloud-based Data Analytics, ERP PMO, or focused recruiting services, C1 met the scope, cost, and timeline goals.”

Global Video Conferencing Client – Global Support Service Desk

“Due to heavy compliance regulations associated with FedRAMP and DISA DoD regulations we reached out to the team at c1 to help us build out a 24x7x365, fully adjudicated, global support desk. Not only did this involve us leveraging c1’s staffing services, we relied heavily on c1’s proven track record of standing up global support operations in highly regulated environments to launch our new service desk. The team at c1 provided us with a fully operational FedRAMP Adjudicated Service Desk that provides us with a cost-effective, Tier 1 support team that is fully integrated with our existing Tier 2 and engineering teams.

c1’s training and onboarding processes were in a class of their own. This allowed them to perform Tier 1 support for our cloud service, and for our team to be fully conversant with them in less than 6 weeks. c1 consistently conducts their services to our agreed-upon SLAs and provides fully transparent dashboards and reporting to monitor ongoing performance. We highly recommend reaching out to the team at c1 and we are looking forward to working with them on a continued basis.”

Marco P – Chief Technology Officer

“Upon hearing about the upcoming departure of a seasoned senior team member, I contacted a colleague that had been through a similar situation to gain their perspective. They recommended that I reach out to the team at c1Advantage. I walked the c1 team through our situation and my desire for a hire with staying power. The support we received was great, and the quality of the candidates was exceptional. They quickly understood both the technical skill set we needed to fill the void and the soft skills the hire would need to streamline integration into an established team. Fast forward one year and our then-new hire is now an enthusiastic, committed, and integral team member that continues to exceed our expectations. Thank you for making it so easy for us!”

David G – Systems Engineer & Data Center Engineer

“My recruiter at c1Advantage was incredibly hard working, I could tell in the first few conversations that he genuinely wanted what was best for me! We worked together to find a role that best fit me and what could help me grow in my professional journey. His experience and insight was truly invaluable. I can confidently say that I am in the happiest and most fulfilling position I have been since I started working in this field. Thanks to the c1Advantage team and please don’t hesitate to reach out to them!”

Jonathan G – Sr. Software Architect and IT Executive

“Having worked with countless recruiting companies over my IT career, c1Advantage was a standout. They were professional and enthusiastic. I was impressed by c1Advantage’s candidate booking system. It was simple and easy for both the candidate and the recruiter. I believe I canceled meetings with my recruiter twice before we eventually had a video call, but with his booking system and friendly demeanor it was quick and easy to re-arrange. I’ve still not seen another recruiter use this method. c1Advantage was fully transparent regarding the role, the technology, and the business. I highly recommended c1Advantage from both the candidate and stakeholder perspective.”

Walt B – Lead Data Archiving Platform Engineer

“The team at c1Advantage is great to work with. When the recruiter called the first time, I was not quite sure what to expect, but he laid out an honest scope of what the client was looking for, and what the job was to be, and did his best to win me over to what he was looking for and offering. It is not often a recruiter hits the mark with me on first contact, but c1Advantage did. It set the tone for success. He took my rather direct definition of where I was at in my professional life and made it possible for me to enter the new opportunity and expand my horizons. It’s always good to work with someone who is both professional and personable, it adds to the experience and puts you in a comfortable mode of confidence. Keep up the great work c1Advantage!”